Saturday, 1 September 2007

Address book (future story)

(This blog is for talking about whats new on Mojo, but I'm just going to cover a couple of things that are whirling about in the sea of future stories.)

In most cases an address book is simply a mapping between a name and a number, and exists purely for the users convenience. And many would be quite happy if it was left to a client to implement. However, it might be appropriate if the audit lists (i.e. the list of past calls and messages) could display names as opposed to numbers. And of course it would be nice if a Mojo user could use the same name in any gadget. And it might be a useful privacy feature if a number need not be displayed in audits or the UI.

The downside of all this is that Mojo would need to accept both numbers and names from requests. This is looking less of an issue as a notional prefix ("tel:", "sip:", "name" etc.) will probably force its way onto us sooner or later.

Would the user worry about Mojo storing this private info? Just encrypt it in the database.

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