Sunday, 9 September 2007

More than one

The relationship between users, services and applications always becomes an issue as different use cases come to light.

From Mojo's point of view, the user takes responsibility for payment when using a gadget, with one user having a single account. The gadget is just a trusted intermediary.

This model will doubtless always exist, but needs to be expanded to work with different scenarios:
  • A company wants its staff to use a corporate gadget. The company will pay for all use, but wants to deal with staff user management internally.
  • A media company wants to promote a new service with a fancy gadget. It will pay a fixed amount of credit that matches the campaign budget. They want to limit any one user to a few calls each.
  • A group of friends all want separate user accounts but want to share costs. They also want access to group audits.

No doubt our users will have more to say.

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