Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Change, change everywhere

Come back for your daily dose huh? Well, have we got news for you!

As we approached feature complete, we let some of our developers here in the office loose on Mojo. We're pleased we got lots of thumbs up and lots of feedback. Some of the changes we've made include:

  • No more hashing on parameters
    • e.g. previously we supprted parameters such as message[name]=messagename
    • Now we support name=messagename. Much more pretty we think.
  • We've got rid of the term api_key, now we're using gadgetkey as a parameter.
  • You now get a nice 201 status code when you create a call or message instead of 302. Check the Location header in the response for where the resource has been created.
  • We've also updated the UI, like it? Let us know.

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